Gemini Pythons strives to produce healthy, happy, and beautiful ball pythons.

Gemini Pythons have been breeding snakes since 2012. Headed by Curtis Richter and Laura Ferguson, we are based in North Vancouver, part of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. We’re a small venture, usually only breeding a few clutches a year, and the babies produced from our pairings are very loved and cared for until they find a home.

Curtis’ interest in snakes began with a pastel ball python named Oscar, a seven year old ball python Laura adopted from a reptile show. Curtis’ interest in caring for snakes and Laura’s interest in genetics led us to found Gemini Pythons, thanks in large to the guidance of David and Norma at Exotic Serpents. Today, Gemini Pythons’ has a family of 20 ball pythons, as well as two boas kept by Curtis who are not yet part of our breeding stock.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our ball pythons, boas, or snakes in general!

Our first reptile show, back in 2015



Ball Pythons